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In project Botanical Garden: COME IN! VSTUPTE! KOM IN! WEJDŹ! GYERE BE! cooperate four European organisations. Prague Botanical Garden (Czech republic), Gothenburg Botanical Garden (Sweden), the Adam Mickiewicz University Botanical Garden (Poland) and Magyar Arborétumok és Botanikus kertek Szövetsége (Hungary).

Prague Botanical Garden

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Gothenburg Botanical Garden



The area in total is 175 hectares (ca 430 acres), of which most constitutes a nature reserve including the arboretum. The garden proper is about 40 hectars and here grow something like 16,000 different species and cultivars in various parts of it. Among many fascinating parts of the garden are The Rhododendron Valley, The Japanese Glade and The Rockgarden with it’s waterfall. In the Greenhouses you will find about 4,000 various species and cultivars, including some 1,500 orchids, a remarkable travertine department and the rare Eastern Island Tree.


Adam Mickiewicz University Botanical Garden



The AMU Botanical Garden, established in 1925, is nowadays a research and education unit associated with the Faculty of Biology of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Currently it occupies an area of approximately 22 ha inhabited by about 7000 plant taxa from almost all Earth’s climate zones. The plant collection, divided into 10 thematic sections, serves mostly scientific, didactic and educational purposes. The Alpine Garden is the highlight of the Garden. At present, our research is focused on protecting rare and endangered species. The Exhibition and Education Centre, located in the centre of the park, is a place where expositions and meetings open to the public are organized throughout the whole year.


Magyar Arborétumok és Botanikus kertek Szövetsége




The Hungarian Association of Arboreta and Botanic Gardens (HAABG) is a non-profit civil organization. It was founded in 1992, following the transition of the political regime in Hungary. In addition to its 46 member institutions it can boast with some 100 professionals among its members. Member gardens of HAABG c

over altogether more than 1000 hectares where they house some 20 000 native and exotic plant species/varieties in their field and

greenhouse collections. Almost 70 % (483 species) of native plant species protected by Hungarian law are on display and/or involved in conservation activities in at least one of our member institutions by doing so they play a key role in the ex situ conservation of protected/endangered species. Furthermore, 80 % of our member gardens themselves are nature conservation areas, as well. It assists education as well as environmental education and getting to know the world of plants.  Besides the seasonal change in the appearance of the vegetation our gardens offer a regular and ever extending range of programmes (technical guided tours, lectures, concerts, exhibitions) to visitors and provide a pleasant recreational environment both for young and old.