1st International meeting Prague

20.-24. 2. 2017, Prague Botanical Garden

Entrance meeting with all partners, where we got to know each other for the first time, took place partly in the conference room of Absolutum hotel and in a newly built café in the Prague Botanical Garden. Hotel Absolutum is a place near the botanical garden, so we reserved rooms for colleagues from foreign countries there and for the first and last day of the meetings. During the five day course we discussed important topics such as financial rules, PR rules or the schedule of works on the KA2 project. We also talked about our fears and expectations regarding our cooperation and took a guided tour of the Fata Morgana greenhouse as well as through the whole outside expositions of the Prague Botanical Garden.


Kennert and his fears and expectations

The Czech team presented their experiences with exhibitions for all senses that have been organised in our botanical garden in the last 20 years to everybody. During the five days we also attended a small workshop – how to work with people with special needs (workshop was divided into three parts – Physical impairment, Hearing impairment and Visual impairment). All participants had a chance to get practical experiences.

On Thursday afternoon we visited the Invisible exhibition, which is a unique interactive journey to an invisible world, where there is total darkness and you can find your way out only by touch, sounds and scent. It was an incredible experience! But there´s more to life than work – we visited the wine bar in the vineyard of St. Claire, tasted wines and had an informal dinner which allowed us to get to know our better. We enjoyed a nice week full of work, information and very nice people.

Program of the 1. International meeting: KA2 EM Prague Feb 20th-24th 2017 program

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