IO2: Exhibition

Exhibition for all senses: Never Alone: The Secrets of Symbiosis

The materials for the exhibition can be downloaded here (English).

They are also available in Czech.

The second output of the project was organizing an exhibition for all senses. We agreed on the topic of symbiosis of plants and other organisms. Not only the ecological relationships in nature are interesting and are not always widely known, but also the exhibition was supposed to be carried out by the “symbiosis” of different national teams.

The exhibition took shape mainly during the international meeting in Budapest, the ideas were further developed by the Czech team, which has over 20-year experience in realization of such exhibitions. The international teams helped with the research and with the storyline and accompanying texts, also the additional photos were collected thanks to the cooperation of the teams.

Installation of the exhibition took place at the beginning of October 2018 and the final touches were done with the help of the international teams during the 4th international meeting in Prague. The exhibition in Prague Botanical Garden was initially thought to be open from 12th to 28th October, but for great success it was prolonged to November 4th. The exhibits and knowledge are available for the international partners and interested institutions. The exhibition will also take place in the countries of the project teams (Poland, Sweden and Hungary).

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