4th IM Prague

The 4th international meeting took place October 10th–13th in Prague.

Those who were interested could visit the park of Průhonice castle on Wednesday. We participated in a 2-hour guided tour and saw many interesting specimens, some planted by the founder of the park, Arnošt Emanuel Silva-Tarouca. After visiting the park, we continued to the nearby botanical garden specializing in collections of irises, peonies, daylilies and roses.

On Thursday we were in the Prague Botanical Garden, discussing the most important topics, having a quick look on the exhibition hall and seeing what is new in the institution. In the afternoon, the opening of the exhibition for all senses (Never Alone or The Secrets of Symbiosis) took place.

The third day was dedicated to an excursion to South Bohemia with Mr. Vlastik Rybka, the curator of the botanical garden.

The last day – Saturday – was perhaps the most productive, as we gathered in the house U Minuty on the Old Town Square and discussed the formal aspects of the project, and – more importantly – what will follow after the exhibition has been completed. We talked about the upcoming conference in Poland and focused on the methodology of working with people with special need in botanic gardens and arboreta.

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