Launching the book about people with visual impairment

On Wednesday, November 28th, Jarmila Skružná and Eva Novozámská from the Czech team took part in the festive launching of the book Self-Help Movement and Education of Visually Impaired at the Beginning of Czechoslovakia by the authors M. Mužáková and M. Pešák. The launching took place in the premises of the Invisible Exhibition in Prague. The book was published thanks to a grant of Municipality of Prague on the occasion of celebrating the 100th year of independent Czechoslovakia by the association e-Inkluze, which fosues on propagation of digital literacy and removing bariers for using digital technologies by older people or people with a handicap. The publication is both in Braiile and enlarged latin type so it can serve as a workbook or reading-book for those who learn to read Braille later in their lives.

We met numerous colleagues that share the goal to openly approach people with specific needs. The encounter was warm and very inpirational for us. Especially the speech of the author M. Mužáková about the person of K. E. Macan, a blind musician, publisher of first magazines and books for people with visual impairment, the propagator of Braille type and tenacious caregiver of wounded soldiers in the first world war touched us very much. His difficult fate, but fulfilled life, interest us even after the hundred years. We look forward to reading the book!

Those interested in the book can contact

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