Accessibility workshop in Hungary


HAABG held a workshop as titled above on February 7, 2019, in the National Botanic Garden at Vácrátót, Hungary. Participants came from our botanic garden member institutions and specialists working with people with special needs were also invited. The meeting that scored a great success has been organized in the frame of the „Botanical garden – COME IN! VSTUPTE! KOM IN! WEJDŹ! GYERE BE!” ERASMUS+ project. The goal of the workshop was a joint thinking about the possible occupation and service elements feasible in botanic gardens targeting the involvement of visitors with physical or sensory impairment in enhanced experiencing and learning. A presentation was given on the project’s results achieved so far, an imaginary botanic garden was „made accessible”, then participants were provided with a sensitizing training lead by our special guests. Following the sharing of a methodology text to be published soon as part of the project we intend to have further joint work in this field next autumn.

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