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In October 2019, we visited the Sanatorium of Hamz and its gardens, which are a member of the Union of BGs. Together with our colleague Jana Zavřelová we started preparing the presentation for the Chamber of Deputies of Czechia, where we will inform about the social role of BGs and about what we do for visitors with special needs (including the outcomes of the COME IN! project). We also took inspiration from the information system of the arboretum. The sensory trail for bare feet reminded us of our dry Kneipp walkway. Compared to ours, we must admit that the walkway in Košumberk is better executed and has railings.

On the Small conference of garden therapy at Jabok, Prague we shared our experience with visitors with special needs and working with them. We also presented the outcomes of the project Botanical Garden: COME IN! The presentation had very good feedback and interest in the methodology was great.

We were intrigued by the presentations and experience of other participants. We very much liked “suitcases for the memories” from the programme for clients with dementia.

For the first time we are taking part in the conference of the international association Hands On! International, this year held at Frankfurt am Main. It is aimed on accessibility and inclusive education of children. The meetings with employees of museums, galleries and other cultural institutions are very inspiring. There are lectures, workshops, discussions and even visits to modern expositions and exhibitions.

In Sweden, the outcomes of the project were presented to BGs in Lund, Bergianska and Uppsala by the Gothenburg Botanical Garden.

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